The Art of Listening

The Art of Listening

Hello and welcome to this space! What if ...

… instead of feeling anxious, you felt calm? … instead of feeling trapped, you felt free? … instead of feeling insecure, you felt more confident?

Maybe you would have better relationships, more joy, love and fulfilment. When we experience difficulties, it can be hard to navigate life. But there is hope. With the appropriate help, you can overcome these challenges and live the life that you deserve. If you are struggling, please continue to explore my website to see if I am the right person to help you further. 

About Me

My name is Jael, I work with binge eating and anxiety. I offer online individual and group therapy both in English and Portuguese. My practice is based in Wrexham, United Kingdom and I work across the UK and Portugal.At the core of my work lies the therapeutic relationship. I work collaboratively and am interested in your experiences and views. My invite to you is to come to therapy with curiosity and open mind. I endeavour to be non- judgemental and believe in the healing power of empathy, compassion and connection. In my working approach, I aim to balance these qualities with cognitive tools that can be useful in dealing with negative thinking or where a client may feel "stuck" in the therapeutic process. Please feel free to browse the other pages for more information.To book a free introductory 15 minute chat get in touch.


What does therapy with me look like?

As a therapist I am interested in you as an individual and how you experience the world around you. I believe in the healing power of empathy and acceptance and hope that you experience them both as we work together. We will explore your thoughts, feelings and beliefs and I will help you realise what resources are available to you. I will also share tools that will enable you take charge of your situation instead of being ruled by it.