The Art of Listening

The Art of Listening


Overcome anxiety and overload

If you are reading this page, you are likely experiencing anxiety at the moment. Life's demands are a source of stress for many people. When anxiety spirals, it leaves you trapped in a maze of negative thoughts and feelings. Anxiety is a response to perceived danger and it is triggered by the anticipation of future events. When it becomes persistent, it can rob you of your strength and ability to enjoy life.


You may feel ashamed or minimise your anxiety. Maybe you try to ignore it and put a brave face on in the hope that none of your friends or work colleagues can notice.
Or maybe you have reached out to family and friends; it helped you for a while but not anymore. Then you may tell yourself, "Nobody else seems to struggle like I do. Why can’t I solve this problem?" You feel like a failure, blame yourself and the worry spiral continues.
If you relate to this, I hear you. I can work with you to find your way out of the maze. Together we can explore your thoughts, feelings and what contributes to your anxiety. I will share tools that can help you manage anxiety leading to a calmer and happier life.